Shifting Gears

Getting into a motion is very hard after dealing with so much depression and anxiety.

But i am trying my best everyday.

So some little updates.

Changed the name on my Instagram from redheaddraws to wickedredart,

to match my other social medias. Sticking to one names seems a lot easier.

Other than that still working on the comic and commissions are always open. :) Gonna try some more outreach.


Hey all!

First off, the stolen art finally got sorted out. All taken down. 

Second! For those who have commissions, trades with me, this weekend i wont be able to work on them much due to other things i have to get done. As well as a couple of days with no art posts on social medias. Sadly we humans need sleep and water and food and have to care for each other. So i must do what i must. lol

Thank u all for understanding! :) 

Stolen Art

Well hello,

I have recently found that a lot of my "My Little Pony" art has been ripped from wither my Deviantart or my Tumblr and posted to a website called without my permission. 

I have put in what i can to have them taken down, so please do NOT harass anyone. 

There is no excuse to harass people. Ever.

That being said, I NEVER give permission to upload my work EVER, unless i specifically tell u otherwise for a commission piece.  

So if u find my work or any other artist's work on a place that is not theirs, TELL THEM. Let the artist know!

It hurts their business and their livelihoods when others steal their art. 

The most common i see is illegitimate t-shit sites ripping ppl's art and selling it. 

Those especially REPORT. Tell the artist. 

It is not ok. 

Thanks all. I'll keep everyone updated if they are taken down. 


Hello my friends! I wanted to let you all know i have made a patreon!

We thank you all for the support and love! 

Daku Con!

Hello everyone! I would like to announce that i will be finally getting an artists table at a convention! 

I will be at Daku Con in the Denver, Colorado area. :) So if u are in the area in November, come and stop by! We'd love to see you! 

Spring is a wild crazy horse

Spring.. aahh yes. the flowers bloom, the snow falls in the middle of the week, and things begin to change.

Speaking of change i am now 100% committed to art. After some thought, leaving a job and some moving process... we are not able to work completely on our projects and dedicate all our time to our social, family and work/art lives. Mostly just our art lives. 

So here we are! It won't be instant and it wont be easy. But we love it and we will continue to do so for long after it becomes a comfortable living. 

So some more updates. NDK table was denied but on a "wait list" if someone cant make it. Although usually new comers have a very low chance of getting tables there anyway. 

DCC is still on hold. Waiting for their email. 

Newest video game to be announced and released soon here! 

First comic issue as well! We are very close to both of these goals. We just want to make it as awesome as we can get it so you can enjoy it all.

So thank you! And stay tuned for more things to come! We are so excited to be full time now! thanks for your support and continue to share and support all artists everywhere! We love feedback and can't wait for more to come by and see whats happening. 

Love and Peace 

~Susie & Eli

Crazy Train

Hello again my faithful viewers. 

Once it seems like life is calm it picks right up and runs you over even harder than the last time.

While we have been busting ourselves working at work and our projects from home, its been crazy. Family members in the hospital, car wrecks and moving around in a matter of a couple of months. Lets hope it stays calm now that its passing. Haha. 

We have a new contract for a video game project, so that will be a four week project! We are super excited to get to work on it. 

Meanwhile we have applied to get ourselves a table at Denver Comic Con this year as well as Nan Desu Kan. We hope we can come out and get a table in artists alley this year! 

This year as well will be the first release of our first issue of our own comic book! Red's first issue will release this fall. We hope you enjoy it.

And thank you all for watching and waiting. We appreciate all of the support.

Support you local artists and artists everywhere. We would be nothing without an audience.

Stay tuned for more from Moose Hat!

~Susan, Eli 

Streaming more often?

Hey faithful viewers.

So i'm hoping to get on regularly to try and stream my working on art and the video games we have going on. I'll be using Twitch of course. I know the audience is small but we still love you guys! Life seems to pick up and go and drag u by the nose when u least expect it. I don't like feeling busy. :/ But i love working on art and games. 

So new things we will be working on to release soon!

A new mobile game! 
A small prototype of a different rpg type mobile game!
New art pieces (daily)!
Possibly taking requests! (this is always fun to do! Just be aware that a request is just that! If we don't feel we have time or we feel up to it, we won't do it. It is a fun way to acknowledge our followers!)
Getting tables at upcoming conventions! 
And Last! An alpha of a new DnD app for the phone! 

So that's the new and different things gonna be happening here at MooseHat. We hope u stick around through the holiday's and we'll be working late to try and give you guys something cool to have or look at or what have you. :)

Have a great Halloween!


Have some Swamp Monster! 

Fix'er Upper October

No I didn't even try to rhyme but I don't care here's an update from the games' side: I went back to an old project, spruced it up a bit and put a just as buggy version on .io so there's a widget there for you to click in the Play Something section. Enjoy ya self and feel free to dump whatever opinions you have in our email or the comments section. Oh and it's really early but HAPPY ALL HALLOW'S EVE FOLKS!

Happy first day of Autumn!

Hey everyone! Happy first day of the fall! I'm super excited as fall is my favorite season. I love the smell of leaves and pumpkins and a crisp cool air. And being in the mountains makes those fall sights and sounds 1000x better. New art pieces to come and more prints will be added! Thanks for stickin around! We have such sights to show you. ;3 



Well hay there! 

We had gone radio silent for a while there due to unforeseen financial circumstances. It doesn't seem so uncommon now a days. But we are back in business and even more revving to go! 

Currently we are opening our own store here for prints! I really hope you will like some enough to hang it on your wall :) 

I have also decided that if i sell enough prints and finish our game on time i will open commissions up for the later Fall/winter! 

Thanks to all who have waited patiently for us to return. :) We really do appreciate it and will keep busting out more art than ever now! 

Here's to a year better than 2016 has been to us! 

~Mooshat Studio


Hey we're on Twitter now soooo that's a thing but lets sum this up quick. We've been busy so the first issue of the comic will have to wait, currently working on a game and some contract work for a very very small start up because little people help little people and all that. Thanks for hangin around, we love ya I promise. 

~ Eli

P.S.  All promises of love are hearsay and myth. 


But seriously, welcome! :) First blog update on the website. I see we have some constant views on here. Thank you guys for the viewing on here! I hope we get more support as this grows :) For real, the followers are the lifeblood and i wouldn't be as cool as i think i am without u guys XD 

So here are some things that will be coming soon!

The first issue of our comic series will be releasing at the end of December. This will be RED. (My personally fav hero)

We will be adding more art pieces of all kinds on a more weekly and (sometimes) daily basis. 

We'll be getting commission status up soon (preferably by the end of december as well) so u guys can request what u'd like! Also a reminder that commissions do include cosplay! ( we will expect payment up front for those since they do take time and loooots of money for certain things)

Those are the big things, but if u guys would like to see more specific art, fan art, styles, a new cosplay idea or something entirely new let us know! :) We love feedback. 

Thanks and stay tuned! 


One of our alien hero's, Shift. Art by me. 

One of our alien hero's, Shift. Art by me. 

aka Wicked Redhead