But seriously, welcome! :) First blog update on the website. I see we have some constant views on here. Thank you guys for the viewing on here! I hope we get more support as this grows :) For real, the followers are the lifeblood and i wouldn't be as cool as i think i am without u guys XD 

So here are some things that will be coming soon!

The first issue of our comic series will be releasing at the end of December. This will be RED. (My personally fav hero)

We will be adding more art pieces of all kinds on a more weekly and (sometimes) daily basis. 

We'll be getting commission status up soon (preferably by the end of december as well) so u guys can request what u'd like! Also a reminder that commissions do include cosplay! ( we will expect payment up front for those since they do take time and loooots of money for certain things)

Those are the big things, but if u guys would like to see more specific art, fan art, styles, a new cosplay idea or something entirely new let us know! :) We love feedback. 

Thanks and stay tuned! 


One of our alien hero's, Shift. Art by me. 

One of our alien hero's, Shift. Art by me. 

aka Wicked Redhead