Streaming more often?

Hey faithful viewers.

So i'm hoping to get on regularly to try and stream my working on art and the video games we have going on. I'll be using Twitch of course. I know the audience is small but we still love you guys! Life seems to pick up and go and drag u by the nose when u least expect it. I don't like feeling busy. :/ But i love working on art and games. 

So new things we will be working on to release soon!

A new mobile game! 
A small prototype of a different rpg type mobile game!
New art pieces (daily)!
Possibly taking requests! (this is always fun to do! Just be aware that a request is just that! If we don't feel we have time or we feel up to it, we won't do it. It is a fun way to acknowledge our followers!)
Getting tables at upcoming conventions! 
And Last! An alpha of a new DnD app for the phone! 

So that's the new and different things gonna be happening here at MooseHat. We hope u stick around through the holiday's and we'll be working late to try and give you guys something cool to have or look at or what have you. :)

Have a great Halloween!


Have some Swamp Monster!