Crazy Train

Hello again my faithful viewers. 

Once it seems like life is calm it picks right up and runs you over even harder than the last time.

While we have been busting ourselves working at work and our projects from home, its been crazy. Family members in the hospital, car wrecks and moving around in a matter of a couple of months. Lets hope it stays calm now that its passing. Haha. 

We have a new contract for a video game project, so that will be a four week project! We are super excited to get to work on it. 

Meanwhile we have applied to get ourselves a table at Denver Comic Con this year as well as Nan Desu Kan. We hope we can come out and get a table in artists alley this year! 

This year as well will be the first release of our first issue of our own comic book! Red's first issue will release this fall. We hope you enjoy it.

And thank you all for watching and waiting. We appreciate all of the support.

Support you local artists and artists everywhere. We would be nothing without an audience.

Stay tuned for more from Moose Hat!

~Susan, Eli