Spring is a wild crazy horse

Spring.. aahh yes. the flowers bloom, the snow falls in the middle of the week, and things begin to change.

Speaking of change i am now 100% committed to art. After some thought, leaving a job and some moving process... we are not able to work completely on our projects and dedicate all our time to our social, family and work/art lives. Mostly just our art lives. 

So here we are! It won't be instant and it wont be easy. But we love it and we will continue to do so for long after it becomes a comfortable living. 

So some more updates. NDK table was denied but on a "wait list" if someone cant make it. Although usually new comers have a very low chance of getting tables there anyway. 

DCC is still on hold. Waiting for their email. 

Newest video game to be announced and released soon here! 

First comic issue as well! We are very close to both of these goals. We just want to make it as awesome as we can get it so you can enjoy it all.

So thank you! And stay tuned for more things to come! We are so excited to be full time now! thanks for your support and continue to share and support all artists everywhere! We love feedback and can't wait for more to come by and see whats happening. 

Love and Peace 

~Susie & Eli