Stolen Art

Well hello,

I have recently found that a lot of my "My Little Pony" art has been ripped from wither my Deviantart or my Tumblr and posted to a website called without my permission. 

I have put in what i can to have them taken down, so please do NOT harass anyone. 

There is no excuse to harass people. Ever.

That being said, I NEVER give permission to upload my work EVER, unless i specifically tell u otherwise for a commission piece.  

So if u find my work or any other artist's work on a place that is not theirs, TELL THEM. Let the artist know!

It hurts their business and their livelihoods when others steal their art. 

The most common i see is illegitimate t-shit sites ripping ppl's art and selling it. 

Those especially REPORT. Tell the artist. 

It is not ok. 

Thanks all. I'll keep everyone updated if they are taken down.