Summer Madness

Happy Summer everyone!

It's been a hell of a month. Moved and getting re-organized is a feat in itself. Now that we are all moved and settling in, we have made a new schedule for our workload. We will be working on new games as well as some freelance jobs. 

I will be keeping commissions open though for anyone who is interested! A warning, though,

to those ordering commissions, it will be taking a bit longer due to the current projects we have taken on board as we need more income for this new place we are in. 

Its getting closer to November and i'll be getting ready for Daku con! :D Still very excited to be doing this convention. I hope to see many CO friends and new faces there. 

Bad things in this long laundry list would be my carpal tunnel has resurfaced and is more painful now. So this will also be another factor in slower commissions. I would ask for your understanding! 

We will be struggling for a few months here but afterwards things should be running more smoothly till then. :) I will be fixing stickers and posters for the holiday seasons so they can be open for orders! 

Hope everyone had a good and safe 4th in the states and to all those in other countries i hope you had a great day! 

Till the next update!